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    • New Risk Management Partner - CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, February 17, 2015 – WorldStrides is pleased to announce a new partnership with iJET, an integrated risk management provider whose services will enhance WorldStrides’ reputation for peerless internal risk management operation. iJET’s business model delivers tailored solutions that
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    • Chile Office Opens Fall 2014 - SANTIAGO, CHILE, October 5, 2014 - WorldStrides expanded its global footprint into South America in September with an operation headquartered in Santiago. Wes Young, Director of South America Operations, will lead the new office.
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    • Rwanda Rising - Rwanda is not a country blessed with great economic advantages—it’s tiny, landlocked, and lacks many of the natural resources that have bolstered the economies of its neighbors. Despite these factors, and out of the shadow of 1994’s horrific genocide, Rwanda has begun an amazing transformation.
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